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Avid First Track Duo

Tk : 17,500
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Fast Track Duo comes equipped with a variety of inputs and outputs to plug in your gear and capture performances.

2x2 channels of I/O—record two performances simultaneously (at 24-bit/48 kHz resolution)
Two combo XLR/instrument inputs (with 48V phantom power)—capture great-sounding vocal and instrument performances
Two 1/4-inch line inputs—record synths and other line-level sources
Two Gain controls—quickly attain optimal signal levels
Direct monitor button—monitor and record without latency
1/4-inch stereo headphone output—monitor on a personal level
Headphone level control—set the volume in your cans just right
Front/Rear Input buttons—select which channel input (front or back) to use
Two 1/4-inch TRS line outputs—monitor through speakers (for all to hear)
Main Output level control—set your speaker or other output volume just right
Bus-powered USB port—connect your Mac or PC (no external power required)
Tablet port—connect your iPad directly (no iPad Camera Connection Kit required)
Kensington lock port—attach a lock to protect your Solo from theft