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Nux DM-3 Digital Drum Kit

Tk : 65,000
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NUX DM-3 Digital Drum Kit                                                                   


NUX DM-3 Digital Drum Kit

1.Drum pads
# Drum pads: Snare, Tom1, Tom2, Tom3, Kick
# Cymbals: Crash, Ride, Hi-hat
# You can set the parameters of each drum pad and cymbals in the trigger menu. You can select each trigger by hitting the corresponding trigger: Sensitive, Scan Time, Mask Time, Retrig-C, X-Talk, Rim-Sens. Maximum 8 sounds for each drum pad.

# Solid metal drum stand offers a sturdy four leg design with new, improved ball-clamp snare and cymbal mounts for fast, flexible component placement, lets you play with confidence.

3.Sound system
# More than 300 sounds. You can set the Phase effect, Volume and Trigger curve parameters.
# Through setting the sound effects, you can add Reverb, Chorus, Compressor and EQ effects to drum kit sound.

# You can record and save your performance while you are playing.

5.SD card
# You can playback MIDI files in a SD card (support GM drum sound only).
# SD card can import WAV format sound to the drum module.